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How businesses shop for phone systems has completely changed over the years.  The old school mentality that we need an on-premises phone system to get what we need is costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to upgrade vendor hardware and software components!  While replacing your whole phone system sounds like a huge and expensive undertaking, in many situations it’s cheaper to set up a new VoIP solution than upgrading your current on-premises system.

At CDRTek we work with you to help you find the right solution. Providers and customers sometimes have a different idea of what VOIP is and what it can do for your business. We are here to help you navigate the myriad of available options, determine the right solution is, and the right provider for your business.

Along with our own VoIP solution, we work with several major VoIP solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Some of the new solutions can be just as confusing to set up as the on-premises solutions, so our experienced and certified team can work with you to set up your system however you like.  Don’t wait, call us today to learn more!

Easily scalable to grow with your business

Minimal upfront cost!

24/7 Helpdesk support!

Not tied to specific hardware, works with many phone vendors!


Feature Rich Solutions

CDRTek’s VoIP solutions offer small to  medium size businesses all the same features and functionality available with the large on-premises solutions.  Some key features include: 

Hunt Group

Incoming calls can ring mulitple extentions.  Ideal setting for a sales or support team!

Voicemail to Text

Don’t ever be tied to the desk, receive your message in real time while on the go!

Custom Hold Music

Create custom on hold music that reflects the message you want to portray to callers.

Call Recording

Call recording allows you to ensure you gather every important detail of a call.

Conference Bridge

Collaborating with your team is easy when you bring everyone together on a single call.

Extension Dialing

3 or 4 digit dialing between offices that are physically located across the country

Instant Messaging

Collaboration between team members becomes a lot easier with Instant Messaging!

Video Conferencing

Video presentations make your sale, marketing, and product demo calls easier than ever!

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